Welcome to the #RaceofOblivion!

You could win 100 Bucks Worth of Books!

Do you want to be part of an online tour sending Astrid from CROWN OF OBLIVION around the world?

Do you want the chance to win $100 worth of books?

Then enter the #RaceofOblivion! One winner will receive a $100 gift card to the book retailer of their choice!

Here’s how it works:

In CROWN OF OBLIVION, Astrid puts her life on the line by participating in a dangerous cross-country race. So to help her get warmed up, we’re sending her on a virtual race around the world! The #RaceofOblivion is all about posting pictures of a cutout image of Astrid in a variety of different locations. To participate, you can use the cutout bookmark that comes in the Pre-order Giveaway, or print out the cutout image of Astrid that’s attached below. Keep reading after the sample #RaceofOblivion pics below!

Want to get in on the race and enter for a chance to win 100 Bucks Worth of Books?

Here’s what you need to do:

The best way to enter is to pre-order Crown of Oblivion, so you will receive the cutout bookmark of Astrid. The bookmark is perfect for taking pics for the #RaceofOblivion! (Don’t know about the pre-order giveaway? Click here for all the details!) The pre-order giveaway is international, and as soon as we receive your proof of purchase, your bookmark will be shipped, along with the other pre-order goodies! Once you receive your bookmark in the mail, snap a pic of Astrid in the location of your choice—in front of a landmark, in your home, running down your street—and upload it to social media using #RaceofOblivion. Then head over to the Rafflecopter (below) and enter your info for your five chances to win! Each time you post a pic of the pre-order bookmark, you will receive five more chances to win!

Want to enter but can’t pre-order the book? You can still receive a chance for the 100 Bucks Worth of Books giveaway! Print out the cutout image of Astrid below, cut it out, and then snap a pic as you would with the bookmark! Want more chances to win? Post more photos! Each post of the printed cutout will earn you one chance at the prize!

Can’t pre-order and don’t have a printer? Click here to open a page with a downloadable cutout image with a transparent background. You can use this cutout to make a digital pic of Astrid using a photo editing app of your choice! (I’ve used Canva.com to make digital pics.) Edit the cutout image of Astrid into a picture, post it like you would a photo you took, and enter using the Rafflecopter. Each digital photo you post using the Astrid cutout will earn you one chance at the prize!

For every entry, make sure to post with #RaceofOblivion and enter your posts into the Rafflecopter below!


You can print this cutout of Astrid to use for the #RaceofOblivion! Right-click on the image to save it, then print it out. You can color it, if you don’t have a color printer. Cut out Astrid and snap her picture in the location of your choice. Post your picture online, and then use the Rafflecopter to enter the #RaceofOblivion!

Want to make a digital picture, by incorporating Astrid into a photo using a photo editing app? Click on this link to open a page with a downloadable image of the cutout with a transparent background!

Need inspiration for your photos? Here is a calendar to follow as the the book’s street team, the Racers of Oblivion, send Astrid around to all our hometowns!

8/5: Twitter: @JulieEshbaugh and IG: @julieeshbaugh

8/6: Twitter: @thebooktraveler

8/7: IG @onemused

8/8: IG: @Yaallegiance

8/9: IG: @bookcrushin 

8/12: IG: @TheReadingCornerforAll

8/13: IG: @fictionfare

8/14: IG: @diamondxgirl

8/15: Twitter @TheresaJSnyder

8/16: IG: @Justicereads

8/20: IG: @HarmanKLB

8/21: Twitter @literacybatman

8/22: IG: @abronxlatinareads

8/23: Twitter @bookwitchjen

8/24: IG: @moonlight_rendezvous

8/26: IG: @ya.its.lit

8/27: Twitter @jennzahling

8/28: IG: @wildandwonderfulreads

8/29: Twitter: @morgan_condello

8/30: IG: @booking_belle

9/3: IG: @assassinsreader

9/4: Twitter: @dhammelef

9/5: IG @krlga00

9/6: IG: @xlivinginpages

9/9: Twitter: @Tween2TeenBooks

9/10: IG: @Jenneh_penneh

9/11: IG: @2many2read

9/12: IG: @library.luv

9/13: IG: @the.ya.booktraveler

9/16: Twitter: @sophreadsbooks

9/17: IG: @adreamindream

9/18: IG: @taylorfennerwrites

9/19: IG: @browneyedbooknerd

9/20: IG: @ceresbooksworld

9/23: IG: @rubys.books

9/24: IG: @realitysabore

9/25: IG: @rockinrita03

9/26: IG: @frayedbooks

9/27: IG: @a_bookish_dream

9/30: IG: @ellenniarhos

10/1: IG: @osuwariliterario

10/2: Twitter: @littlered630

10/3: IG: @jenerallyreading

10/4: IG: @ReadingWithLori 

10/7: IG: @kirs_10n

10/8: IG: @acourtofcoffeeandbooksblog

10/9: IG: @underworldlibrarian

10/10: IG: @booknerd_dork

10/11: IG: @absolutebookish

10/14: IG: @HarmanKLB

10/15: IG: @bentbookworm

10/16: IG: @always.sunny.in.bibliodelphia

10/17: IG: @latestreads

10/18: IG: @adventuresandreading

10/21: IG: @singerofstories

10/22: Twitter: @dncueco

10/23: IG: @jules_vandemberg

10/24: IG: @CarineCeres95

10/25: IG: @per_fictionist

10/28: IG: @pretty_little_bibliophile

10/29: IG: @wilcoxmandy

10/30: IG: @yourbooktravels

10/31: Twitter: @Splintered_Luv

11/1: Twitter: @2many2read

11/4: Twitter: @diamondxgirl

11/5: Twitter: @Justicereads

11/6: IG: @theresajsnyder

11/7: Twitter @assassinsreader

11/8: Twitter @Bashayerxo

11/11: Twitter: @JulieEshbaugh and IG: @julieeshbaugh

11/12: Release Day!!!!

11/13: Final Day! The Rafflecopter will close at 11:59 PM East Coast US time on 11/13/2019!

So pre-order CROWN OF OBLIVION and get your pre-order bookmark!

And/or create a picture using the printout or digital image from this page!

Fill out the Rafflecopter to get your entries counted!

Let’s send Astrid around the world!

Good luck!!!


Here’s Astrid running to answer the doorbell!

This shot was taken with the pre-order bookmark (taped to a chopstick to hold it in the picture!)

Here’s Astrid dashing across the front lawn!

This picture was taken with the cutout printed from the web (also taped to a chopstick!)



Here’s Astrid racing into the kitchen for a snack!

This pic was taken with the pre-order bookmark!